Using uptimerobot. But still goes offline

Hi. So I only recently hosted my bot here on glitch and before it was ok heroku. I then realised that it goes offline after 5 mins so I’ve started using uptimerobot but I it still goes offline. At first it didn’t but I can’t seem to figure why it does now

Srry for bad english

For now I deleted the thing on uptimerobot and I just submitted my link on this one I found on this forum though idk if it yet works or not

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Welcome to Glitch, @Monu52! Anyways, your bot might have an error. Bots that have errors usually don’t run.

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Ah yes I check logs and no error but I will check again
Edit: ok no errors

Here’s another thing. Please note, UptimeRobot’s free plan pings only every five minutes while Awake pings every two minutes. If you use uptime robot, there’s a chance that It will not work unless if it pings it immediately.

Also, you may have too many Glitch projects running at once.


Yes it seems like awake is the solution!

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Have you got a HTTP request thing?

Have you got any errors in the logs? Or checked if you are IP banned from discord?

sometimes uptimerobot goes down but it send you a email. check your email or uptimerobot dashboard. Sometimes my sites using uptime robot go down but get back online in a few minutes.

This post is kinda off-topic, but doesn’t Awake ping your project every 1 minute? @charliea21?


Yes it does.