Can not sign in with Github


I am new to both Github and I created and verified a Github Account so I can sign in to Glitch. After trying to sign in with my Github Account I get the message “could not connect to the container port on host docker-worker-0A0AC3”. Does this mean the servers are down or is there something I can do?


Sorry about that, it’s a problem our end. We’ll take a look.


Sorry for the issue - this should be fixed now.


For me it just sits on a blank screen doing nothing, and then logs in with my facebook.


Hi @Fezezen!

What do you mean exactly when you say that it logs in with your Facebook? Do you mean that Facebook login works, while GitHub login does not? Would you mind telling us your GitHub nickname, and possibly your email too? You can PM me if you don’t want to share them here publicly.


I click “login with github” and instead it logs into my Facebook account, at least I think it’s my Facebook account because it uses my real name instead of Fezezen. And my Github nickname is Fezezen, and my email is


I think it means that you have logged in on Glitch with “Login with Facebook” in the past, and your Facebook account has the same email as your GitHub account: if we see the same email, we return the same user. The preferred avatar, for now, is the Facebook one. We are going to allow users to change their avatar, display name and login in the following days, in case you want to change them :slight_smile: if you want them changed immediately, and if you want us to delete your Facebook credentials, let me know the new data you want us to display instead :slight_smile:


I guess I’ll just use my Facebook, to skip the trouble.


@Fezezen You’re logging in successfully with GitHub, but since you had already logged in with Facebook, Glitch copied your Facebook username. You probably had two separate accounts - one from logging in with Facebook and one from logging in with GitHub, but we merged the accounts with the same email addresses this week, and your Facebook username won. I changed your login to Fezezen, so you should see that in the future.