Can't delete code on Mobile

Yo, so basically I can’t delete anything while editing in browser. I’m very annoyed by this as I’m making a twitch and a discord not, but I make a lot of mistakes.

Browser: Brave (Runs on Chromium I think.)
Same happens on chrome.

Any help would be appreciated.

What device are you using?

An Android tablet v5.0.1

Thanks @Verico !

So we can investigate further, can you let us know:

  • Is this happening in just one project or all of them?
  • The name of a project where this is happening.
  • Not required, but if possible, a screencast or screenshot that shows what happens when you try to delete code.

If you refer, you can send me a direct message with this information.

All of them. but if needed I can send you a private video on YouTube that show this.


Seeing a video would help! When you get a chance, go ahead and send me the link so we can investigate further!

Here’s a video of me mashing my backspace button on my keyboard.

It probably wasn’t useful but why not.

Thanks for the video. I just noticed that you said you were using Android OS v5.0.1.

Are you able to update the operating system your tablet uses?

@tasha I would also like to let you know(because I don’t feel like I should create another thread), that it is impossible to select text and copy it on glitch mobile, on a ipad with ios 13.

Yep, that is correct. I have the same problem also on an Android phone. (Motorola G5 with Chrome browser)

Ok, thanks for that info!

I want to make sure that I am documenting these issues correctly for our team. Can y’all review the info below and let me know if I’ve got this right?

Issue 1:
In most recent version of Chrome browser (v79) on the most recent Android OS (v10) deleting/backspace text editing is not possible?

Issue 2:
In most recent version of Safari? or Chrome? or both? on iOS 13, it is not possible to select and copy text?

Let me know and I’ll test/notify the team.

I have only found out the issue in safari, however I believe apple does not allow third party rendering engines so chrome is basically safari with chrome ui, so you probably should test chrome too. Basically I want to hold a portion of text and have the select tooltip appear.

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No, I am no able to update my tablet :frowning:

Little update, I can delete and write new code but after refreshing I can’t delete it anymore like my old code.