Mobile App


Is a mobile App on the way? This would be very helpful for editing on the go


Glitch is responsive so works on mobile. Is there any particular problem you’re having using Glitch on mobile?


It’s just harder to use than an app would


Not much benefit would come out of it, anything you are thinking of?


It would be much more easier to debug


I think @MayorChano is right. There should be a Glitch mobile app.

The console does not work if you open Glitch in a browser on Android (keyboard doesn’t open).


Also you cannot edit existing code unless you highlight it and then delete it. A android app for glitch would be so helpful!


This isn’t true in general, you just have a bug that we’re looking into in your other thread.


I am able to edit my code on Android.


Same issue here i use Driodedit or text editor to edit code and have to re copy paste entire changed code to glitch.


What’s the browser and OS version? Does it work when using the default browser? Thanks


Chrome 70.0.03538.64 this is my default browser!


How does Droidedit fit into your Glitch workflow? You’re not able to edit code in the browser on Glitch, so you use Droidedit to edit and copy it back into Glitch?


Yeah yeah i use driodedit to edit my code


We can’t reproduce the editing issue in Chrome 70.0.03538.64 on Android either. Are you using the stock keyboard or a custom one? and if you’re using a custom one, do you still get the same issue when using the stock one? What about in an incognito/private browsing window?


It happens using Google keyboard or any on screen keyboard same for incognito browsing. This edit issue was here from the start!


i think to solve the issue just use a modern browser like chrome and firefox or puffin @ArunKapil01


I am already using chrome browser lol. Did you even read my old messages?


Your phone should be at fault then don’t get me bad if i tell you to get another phone lol :sweat_smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:


Also just saying I can’t use console on mac