Can't open any preview

No preview seems to work. Are servers all servers down?

hi @TICO_Berenguela, we’re not aware of any significant error spikes over the weekend-- are you still having issues? Can you share more about any error messages you’re seeing?

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This is what I always get when trying to see a preview

could you post the english version of that error?

it’s something like:

we had problems finding this site
we can't connect to the service in
if you wrote the address correctly, you can:
- try again later
- check your internet connection
- ensure that firefox has permission to access the web (it may be connected but behind a firewall)


I’m guessing a problem “finding the site” refers to DNS? maybe you could try a different resolver. there are some public ones, I believe Google and Cloudflare run resolvers that you can try.

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