Cant see .data folder which I had previously made in my UI?

I had made a .data folder… and put in(uploaded) a json file that I got from Firebase.

I no longer can see this .data folder in my editor!?

How ever if I check from the terminal with ls -a… its very much there!
is this an expected behavior?
OR… is there a way to view all files and folders that I had created in the editor, especially cause I am the owner.


Hey, so I know that Glitch just keeps the .data folder private for everyone by default. But in the terminal, if you run this command you’ll see all your files and folders (private AND anything you’ve created):

cd ~ && du -hs $(ls -A)

If you want to remove an empty folder or any file you no longer want, just run:

rm -rf yourfile

Be careful with that command though, it will permanently delete things!

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Hey thanks for the reply.
As I mentioned I did see it via the terminal. But i think there should be a way we can view or interact with that folder via the UI.

And you actually answered my next question… how may I remove a file :laughing:
Thanks a lot.
Also where may I see a list of terminal commands that I could run… since im quite rusty with the terminal… dont think I’ve used it ever since MSDOS :wink:

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Ah ok, I wasn’t sure what command you were specifically using. I only know the basics honestly. I think I found the first command I mentioned somewhere on this forum a while back.

As far as removing files and such, look up Colt Steele on youtube if you haven’t. He recently put up a video on unix commands. He’s a great teacher!

An online “cheat sheet” may help.

There are others and these don’t list all the command, I think you’re stuck with the man pages for the details. Problem with those is you need to know the command to find the details.

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