Dumb mistake, and possible bug? | Project: economy-utility-tool


Earlier today i used obfuscator on my code, and then moved my real code into a folder called .data
I read that .data was unable to be found by others so i used that. Now a few hours later that folder disapears…
So now i have a completely unreadable code :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it somehow possible to get an admin to revert my project 4-5 hours back?

(“You should always make backup” I know… -_- Won’t forget that next time :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hey @darknessgamingdk, as you’ve noted, the ./data folder is also hidden from the Editor as a whole (not just for non-project members). Your file’s still there, though; if you run ls -la .data in your project’s console you should see it just fine, and you can use the shell mv command to put it back where the Editor can see it.

Hope this helps!



ls -la .data doesn’t seem to work?
If you see the file can you just move it out of .data again? :slight_smile:

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Does ls -la /app/.data work? It could be that the console is looking in the wrong directory for some reason.

Nope. I get this in my console but i don’t see .data file.

.data is a directory! I believe the file you want to move is script.js if so run mv /app/.data/script.js /app/script.js. Don’t forget for the files to sync you need to run refresh!


Thanks a lot! Thank worked.