[Closed] The page https://glitch.com/help/failstart/ is not working

I am currently working on a bot & I put

"scripts": { "start": "node index.js" },
& in logs it says,

Check /app/package.json: command not found. Is a start script missing? https://glitch.com/help/failstart/

& I check the page & it’s not there.

It says Page not found!

Please tell me.

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This because Glitch recently moved to Happyfox Help Desk Software for the help section of the site. You’ll find the page you are looking for at https://glitch.com/help/kb/article/31-i-m-getting-the-error-check-app-package-json-command-not-found-is-a-start-script-missing-what-s-up-with-that/
Hope this helps and explains the issue :+1:


umm would be helpful if the link was changed or a redirect put in place… do glitch support check these forums?

That link should be changed. If you have seen it recently, where? That will help them to change it

thanks Eddie

i got this error in the log console when the system was trying to start the app, as it automatically seems to (and presumably had an invalid start script in the package.json).

to explain: i’d cloned a git project that was a static site really (but had a package.json due to maybe some webpack or build pipeline stuff)… presence of package.json seems to be the thing that makes glitch treat project as server-based not static.

the problem was fixed/worked-around in my case by deleting the package.json which meant that glitch would serve as a static site.

the site i had the problem with is: https://vasco-topol.glitch.me/ (it was renamed since the problem)