[Closed] The page https://glitch.com/help/failstart/ is not working

I am currently working on a bot & I put

"scripts": { "start": "node index.js" },
& in logs it says,

Check /app/package.json: command not found. Is a start script missing? https://glitch.com/help/failstart/

& I check the page & it’s not there.

It says Page not found!

Please tell me.

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This because Glitch recently moved to Happyfox Help Desk Software for the help section of the site. You’ll find the page you are looking for at https://glitch.com/help/kb/article/31-i-m-getting-the-error-check-app-package-json-command-not-found-is-a-start-script-missing-what-s-up-with-that/
Hope this helps and explains the issue :+1: