Website attempting to use


I am attempting to create a website with my glitch hosting, however I get the following error: /opt/watcher/app-types/node/ line 49: null: command not found

Project name: redstonedesigner-oesd
Project URL:


Also having this issue with my other project.

Project name: afpu-management
Project URL:
Type: Discord Bot


Hey @redstonedesigner, this is a Node project as far as Glitch is concerned, since you have a package.json file. As such the package.json needs to tell Glitch what to do when it tries to start the project, for which you need scripts element in the package.json, and a start script within that element.

If you just want this project to act like a website you can remove or rename package.json and it will do so. If you need it to do something on startup (like run a Gruntfile) then you’d need to tell it what to do.!/hello-express?path=package.json:9:0 is a very simple example of what that would look like (replace the script with whatever bash command you’d like Glitch to execute when your project starts).

I don’t see this problem in the second project, which seems to be working fine right now?

Hope this helps!


I managed to fix the second one.

The first one is there for node.js packages which are used to run a website.