CodeMirror 6 and modern xterm.js for Glitch. That means better mobile support

Project URL:

Here’s CodeMirror 6 attached to Glitch OT and modern xterm.js attached to Glitch terminal. Super barebones and unfinished vibes, but it’s the end of the weekend, so :person_shrugging: . It’ll need your persistent token.

These seem to work fine with mobile keyboards even. Tested on Android–Firefox–Gboard, not a particularly mainstream combination.


  1. image
    Click “Config.”
  2. image
    Click the “Sign in” link to open the real Glitch sign in page.
  3. image
    Have Glitch email you a magic link.
  4. image
    Don’t click that sign in link in the email. Instead, copy the code (looks like word-word-word).
  5. image
    Paste the code in the “Magic code” box in this app.
  6. Click “Sign in.”
  7. The “Persistent token” field should get filled in.
  8. image
    Type in some project names in the “Project domains” box, one on each line.
  9. Click “Save.”

  10. Click the “Terminal” or “File (filename)” link to try the new terminal emulator/editor.

and guess what tab icons I’m using :laughing:


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