Community Open Thread 2 - September 16, 2022

Hey all, welcome to this week’s open thread!

Looking to read something cool? Here are some cool links from around the web from folks using or talking about Glitch!

Say hello, share what you’re working on, tell us your hopes and dreams, etc. By the way, here’s my COLRv1 duck, what’s yours?


Fun fact, the area I grew up in had all streets named after ducks: teal, mallard, eider etc. Town planners ftw. :duck: :duck: :duck:


:wave: Hey pals,

A project I really enjoy popped up from the ether this week and I thought I would share it here:

Four Seasons is a simple yet thoughtful Sunday Site, which is a community of folks who gather one Sunday a month to experiment with HTML. I like watching the art develop each season, it’s very cute.

Also, here is my duck. Can you guess my favorite color? lol


this is a really cool and interesting game. it is basically a modern version of tetris.

and heres my duck

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im gonna go with the least obvious answer, white.

This is my one!

Fun fact: I was reading that article a few time ago

This seems cool!

The google trick is awesome, read tons of articles about google easter eggs and never found nothing about that! Also, I like the project! css-only.

This is awesome!

Well, because of the duck, I guess purple or green, but @nobody’s answer is a good guess, too

Happy glitching!


So I’ve been busy with irl stuff, but I’m still using skills from glitch I picked up a couple of years ago. For example for a certain “art” class we are required to create a portfolio site to store our “art”. Everyone ended up using Weebly but I kind of didn’t like managing it that way, so I decided to take eleventy and eleventy-img out for a spin and created a two page website with Vite + Tailwind + DaisyUi that is entirely prerendered. Currently Cloudflare Pages has no caching, so their poor build system is resizing and reencoding approximately 128 small to large images. It actually manages to do this in just 10 minutes, but I recently ran it to some trouble with high resolution images where eleventy-img would just segfault but I got around that by telling the underlying sharp module to put in less effort (a numerical option in the config).

The site contains two pages

  • A css grid page containing thumbnails to all “artworks”
  • A page where the larger version of the image is displayed centered and various download links are provided.

How eleventy-img helps is that I can use the same html across both the fullsize and thumbnail and the browser will automatically pick the best one for the situation. I’ve also set the lazy loading and async and decode options. So don’t worry your browser will not be trying to load a hundred images at once :slight_smile:.

Here is a “duck” I photoshopped recently, try to spot what is wrong (not the background).

Edit: @wh0 is correct saying that the head of the duck is wrong.


Well… The eyes? Or is it this white part?



Alright I’ll edit in answer later tonight :slight_smile:

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try to spot what is wrong

:eyes: looks like entire duck head replace with uh crow (?) head

Glitch app by the Google Chrome devs that demonstrates the new COLRv1 font format

If you’re viewing this on the latest version of Chrome. Go ahead, give it a whirl.

on behalf of us one or two non-chrome users, nooooooo

share what you’re working on

learning web assembly, web workers, cache api, and whatever else it takes to make a darned web app that decompresses files. and some logic to process certain file types once they’re decompressed.

getting good use out of the so-called “best regex trick” for replacing parentheses with square brackets except for in quoted strings, so that I can use JSON.parse to parse a non-JSON document. this was almost cool enough of a problem to develop into a coding interview, but it’s too gimmicky imo.

:crossed_fingers: really hoping to hear some Glitch staff talk about what’s in development


That’s a rickroll, Not going to click there!

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what an absurd accusation. it is exactly as described.

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i recognize that url… but i clicked on it anyways

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No matter how many times you get rickrolled, you will always smile when seeing this masterpiece

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is a duck duck duck :grin:

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glitch staff don’t be shy about answering this part :pray: