Community Open Thread 32 - October 6, 2023

Happy friday, it’s my first open thread in awhile #missedyou #livelaughlove

It’s been a wild couple of months in the Jenniverse - after taking some time off, I was then summoned and selected to serve on a jury trial. But I’m back and happy to see all the cool things you’ve been making on Glitch while I was out. And you KNOW I have some links to share:

Glad to be back, gotta make more 3D cheeseburgers. Enjoy the rest of your week and tell us what you’re making, reading, creating…:garlic:


Oh yeah my life’s been wild. Looots of unfinished projects…

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Great to see Glitch mentioned in that tutorial, even with so little fanfare. Actually I think the offhandedness of its presentation is flattering, like it’s just the normal thing to do when you want to put up a website.

The friction points depicted though:

  • Signing up for Glitch in the middle of the process is kind of a damper on the momentum. In fact, you don’t have to sign up at that point, as long as you create an account within 5 days or whatever.
  • Editing all the filenames into asset URLs looks like it’s a big part of the work. There used to be some work on making a component for full stack sites for serving assets (or was it redirecting?) under the normal names. But that came long before static site support.

Lately I’ve been looking into making a new pinger for Replit following an announcement that they’re phasing out their “repl [similar to a ‘project’ on Glitch] starts up when someone visits the URL” behavior (in favor of a premium “deployments” system). Their announcement warns users,

will only be accessible when someone is in the editor.

So pinging will be vastly more complicated, moving the focus to the editor instead of the website. It’s going to take some fiddling to get this to work, as they’ve gone down the familiar route of “API not stable, we shan’t be publishing docs.”

As a much earlier announcement promised Replit — Dear users coming from Glitch (in which they also felt it was professional to draw attention to layoffs at Glitch),

we will never block pinging services or make any abrupt changes that will break your apps. … we will never ban pinging to force people to upgrade by taking away features.


the bandwidth cap must have been devestating to some media heavy apps :rofl:

@jenn Oh snap you wanna see what I made just after that?
Tiltbrush, little bit of texture addition in blender, and then into modelviewer
And then, this guy I rigged and animated in Blender, and then put in A-Frame, cause ModelViewer did not like the model scaling around as the bird flew in and out.
( I kinda made that one for Inktober )

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Hey thank you for watching! I actually tweeted (X gonna give it to ya’d?) both parties and got them to talk to each other. Having a handoff would kick so much ass.

yeah I have been developing on glitch for so long, it’s just natural for me lol.

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