Community Open Thread 38 - January Is Basically Over Already edition 🙀

Happy Friday, it’s my first open thread of the year - thanks @jennwrites for filling in for me while I was out finishing my Three.js course and goofing around with an airbrush I got a few months ago. What have the rest of you been up to lately?

Here are some links that happen to be full of even more links :spider_web::

Hope you all are doing very well; I’d love to know what you’re working on. Sound off below :point_down: and I’ll see you on!


Working on finalizing my jam submission of a notebookish style css, I was going to submit but put it off because I remembered that I wanted to make the stylesheet responsive for mobile users as well.


all i’m saying is you should try resizing my styles and view it on mobile :sparkles:

My new years resolution will be to make something good for the mobile resolution
(didn’t think of a good pun for that…)


A cool idea for a jam would be like a secret santa.

Everyone would post an idea for something they want, and then get a random idea from someone else to make.

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noooooooo I missed this the last one

Glitch team, can you talk about the invalid submissions you got in the CSS jam?

for me in the past few weeks, the squeaky wheel has been getting the oil, and this time the squeaky wheel was Replit.

All the submissions are here but the one I couldn’t add to the the ~our-dream-default-stylesheets app was @naoto’s one (First codejam submission of 2024) because it gets rid of the dropdown by design of its chaotic nature - but at the same time it’s one of my favorite submissions ever.


By the way if you make a submission for a past jam and you just let me know here, I’d be happy to add it to the playlist and app and share with folks!


I had created one that I can’t seem to find in the playlist.

The url is


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thank you for the honorary mention - I’m here to break things!

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Just added it, thanks!!

Thank you!

Hello everyone! I’m new around here, I’ve come from Replit! Hope to have a great time here!


Welcome to Glitch!

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