Console text broke

i made font in console 170 and i cant open it anymore… any help?

Does refreshing help?

nope doesn’t help at all


I see you broke the consoles text size. Well that’s easy to fix!
All you have to do is go to your console, then press the gears which you can find here:

Then edit the text box and change “FontSize” to 16

Hope this helps!

I have one method that uses your glitch site, but because it exposes the terminal to visitors I will only explain if you are aware of the possible implications. If you are aware please send a PM!

PS- i reccomend that you ALWAYS put the project on private and switching between names when doing this, i’ll explain when i recieve a PM!

@MrDiamond64 That won’t work since it crashes the console.

I have just found a solution!
So basically go to ‘
where “glitch-name-here” is your glitch project’s name is with spaces replaced with dashes ( - )

If you’re using chrome, go to the search bar where the link is pasted right now and click on the padlock icon

Next click on cookies

Then finally you have to open the ‘’ tab, open the ‘Local Storage’ folder, then click on the api.glitch item once then click on the ‘Remove button’

Once you’ve clicked ‘Done’, close the tab and re-open the link to see that the console is back to normal.

Thank you. But this was in Feb 14. I have found a solution for this a whille back! Thanks for the help though! I appreciate when people go to old questions and answers. Though Thanks alot!

Glad to hear your problem was resolved! :slight_smile:

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(I will also mark you a solution for the help!)