CookieTape - A simple video downloader

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I wrote a simple video downloader, for now it works only for Twitter, but I might expand it to Reddit, and such. Unlike other video downloaders, this one is simple as it can get.


Seems really cool, gotta check it out! :smile:

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very cool! Love it!


Idea suggestion :bulb:: It would be cool if we could download videos from YouTube or Facebook, there are multiple websites out there to do that but must of them contain malware and stuff :sweat_smile:

Won’t Google get upset over that? I am not sure if downloading YouTube videos through third party is allowed by them.

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Not really, There is an extension called crosspilot that I used for almost a year (Not sure if it’s still up to this day)

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It is, however, Google bans any extensions or apps on their stores that allow users to download YouTube videos. Additionally, YouTube has threatened to sue plenty of video downloaders that allow YouTube videos to be downloaded.

If I wanted to add such functionality, I would have to be ready to lawyer up, and I don’t have time, and money for that.

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Site has been shutdown due to Twitter API restrictions that had made it impossible to retrieve tweets unless subscribed to $100/month plan.


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