Create Webhook 403 Forbidden

Error with Event “Create Webhook”, Action #43:

Error: 403 Forbidden

My users have this problem when using my webhook command.
Most of the time it does nothing but sends “403 forbidden” in the logs and the other times it works.
It works fine when self-hosting.

Discord should send an additional error message with its payload, what are you using to create/use the webhook, and if you can, can you acquire the full response from discord? They will send it in a body under the key message along with code

Giving us no code doesn’t really give us anything to work with, it could be anything ranging from rate limits to something wrong with the data you’re sending

it just shows this in the logs

the confusing part is: it works fine when self-hosting

Could you show me some code, which shows what you process the webhooks with?

i use dbm so do i just send the create webhook js file?

I never used DBM, but since I see JS, sure :eyes:

DBM really overcomplicates things than they actually have to be.

But anyways since this is really part of a “discord bot maker” i’d recommend you ask for help on the discord bot maker’s forum but from previous experience, a 403 means:
The Authorization token you passed did not have permission to the resource which in discord terms usually means your bot doesn’t have permission to create webhooks, so double check your permissions. If that didn’t help, i recommend checking their forum.

alright, i’ll go try there
it definitely has the right perms