Css isn’t working in React

this has happened in previous projects. regardless of what CSS selectors i use, the styling doesn’t render.
even stranger, when i was fussing with the buttons on the bottom to make the styling work, and i deleted the CSS functions for those buttons, the rest of the page, which was working fine, suddenly ceased to render the styles i added. i changed nothing in their functions, however.
broken page
somewhat unnecessary screenshot:

the next day, the CSS was working fine, mostly:

…which would make it an error with the editor, not with the code.

even though the .class selector is working fine now, the #id* selector is not.

if you notice that this is not, in fact, an error with Glitch itself, please explain to me what i am doing wrong. i’m trying to move the two components down from the top of the page.


never mind, i figured it out.