Issue with Custom Domain

Hey, so I’m using Cloudflare and I have two CNAMEs one under the domain name and one with www.[domain name] that points to the domain name. When ever I search the domain name in the URL it goes to the website hosted on glitch but when I add www. before the domain name in the URL it sends me to a glitch error (see image). Does anyone have a solution for this?

Do you have both set up as custom domains on glitch?

I have my domain name setup on glitch but when I try to add www.[domain name].com as well it returns with ‘An unknown error has occurred.’

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Typically, this error appears when the custom domain is already being used by another Glitch project.

If you think that might be the issue, you can send us a support request that includes the custom domain that you cannot add to your project. We can look it up for you and then help you remove it so that it can be reused.