Ddos attack, halp

my app ( here ) just got ddosed, no data was lost, but can someone reset my request count?

i do not know what happened exactly?

its working properly :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that, my app got DDOSed yesterday and our service got cleared.

It was a GitHub clone and the repos and database we’re kinda cleared. Luckily it got recovered but we are still trying to recover from the aftermath.

“DDoS attacks” on Glitch are unavoidable. However, I’ve seen people complain about these attacks to Glitch projects (keep in mind they have a limit of 4K requests/hour - not enough in my opinion). And well, there’s no way to stop them - unless your using a custom domain. It’s happened to me before - knocked out my project for a whole 2 days (aah!). All though, keep in mind most of it could be organic traffic, real people just browsing away at your site. And if you consider the amount of assets loaded in every page (yes some of it is cached), it can max out your request limit pretty quickly.

In our case we didn’t hit the request limit we just ended up getting all of our Data corrupted.