This project has received too many requests? How?

Hey there,

I’m aware of Glitch’s technical restrictions, one of them being “projects exceeding 4000 requests per hour will return a 429 Too Many Requests response” but a project of mine (and @17lwinn’s) returned a 429 just 15 or more minutes of the project’s creation. What we were trying to do was setup a basic server from an NPM package that we installed, and while we did visit the page a few times, I must say we never crossed 1000 requests, let alone 4000. @glitch_support, is it possible to get logs or info on who visited the page or how we crossed 4000 requests? I also feel this might be a visual error, because I got a 429 for my website last week and after a few minutes, it just vanished, although Google Analytics tells me that there were only 12 requests that day, apart from numerous requests from my IP as I was editing the project and using the live preview.

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Somehow, the project in question is back online.

wierd… not even an hour yet…

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I’d assume that the Glitch API is going haywire… Again… :joy:


597ms api response time


That’s a high response time, bad stuff :frowning:

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all the project was a…

can i say @khalby786

Let’s keep it a secret, shall we? :wink:


yep, i can agree to that!

It’s a secret…



dun dun dun…

A project


dun dun dun dun dun


What? :joy:    

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idk :smile: