Delete projects quicker

Sometimes I go onto a new computer and try to code with without logging in and it creates a new project. I then log in and then immediately go to another project I have and now I have so many projects it’s ridiculous. Can we have a switch that when we have a new project and don’t change anything about it at all, it deletes it?

Not a very good idea, if this happens the system will have to search each project.

Plus, if it breaks then it may delete half of glitch!

I dont think an automatic idea like this would be smart, but I would love a way to choose a bunch of projects to delete all at once

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like multiple selection, i’ll vote for that


You have my invisible vote! I also wish it was easier to delete projects forever.

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You can delete a project by running the following command, where projectId is the UUID of the project you wish to delete and persistentToken is the persistentToken associated with a user with administrative rights for the project:

curl -X DELETE${projectId} -H "Authorization: ${persistentToken}"

You can find the persistentToken of the current user by logging ‘cachedUser.persistentToken’ in your browser console.

If you need to restore a project, run the following command:

curl -X POST${projectId}/undelete -H "Authorization: ${persistentToken}"

Unfortunately, only infrastructure users have the ability to hard delete projects so you’ll have to ping support on a case-by-case basis to completely remove projects from your account.


Ah thats very interesting. I’ll bookmark this.

I totally agree with this and I’m surprised others don’t agree. I think they could go even farther by requiring you to save projects to your account or else they’d be deleted. There are too many projects that pile up on my account from playing with other demos. Chances are, I only remixed a project to tweak a couple variables and then I no longer care about the project. At least let us delete a project from the editor, so I don’t have to keep jumping back and forth to my profile.


I feel like this would benefit us all

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