Delete the domain

i need you delete the domain, because i move project

Hey @MR.Nak I’ve removed from its project.

if i try
Hostname is already taken. If you control that hostname, please contact

if i try
Hostname ( is owned by another organization. If you control that hostname, please contact

Hey @MR.Nak neither of those domains are currently registered with a Glitch project right now. For you may need to reach out to support to get that removed - if you added it in their system without using a Glitch Custom Domain then we can’t help you with that.

For I did remove it as I mentioned. I see that the error message you supplied for that domain references instead; can you double-check what domain you’re attempting to use?

i removed it from
and it still not work

Hi @MR.Nak not sure what’s not working on the Glitch side of things here - you said you were moving the project away from Glitch, right?

If I am correct, I think he meant he moved to another project within glitch

Aha! so @MR.Nak it seems like you’ve gotten the domains removed from the old project. Now you need to add them to the new project and configure your DNS.

its when i try

i success to link the domain now

but how i do in freenom
and not
cuz in the cname it work only with www

now i check, and pages like “/guild=:id” not works in “”

edit: pls delete “” and “” again

you can delete the domains “” and “”?

Hey @MR.Nak I’ve removed these domains again.

how i remove www from the domain?

Hi @MR.Nak if you’re asking how to configure your domain so that your project is available at (as an “apex” domain without the “www”) our help doc about custom domains discusses this. In short, you’ll probably need to set up an A record using the IP address of your domain provided by the GLitch interface instead of a CNAME record. How you go about doing that depends on your DNS provider, since they all use different terminology and tools to manage this.