Discord Bot House (Not Forked)

Project URL: https://discordjs.services

Discord House/DBH/DiscordJs.Services is a friendly easy going bot list currently in development for version 3 and hosted on a boosted glitch project. We are looking for staff members. And one or two devs that can prove to be trust worthy.

(Not a fork of a over used and under customized list either)


Thank you! I beleive the server invite on the site needs to be updated. Heres the backup invite; Discord Server

Why does it have multiple names and urls in the footer?

No offense, but would appreciate it if you removed that part from the original post. :slightly_smiling_face:


So this is a list of Discord bots, right? If so, how do I add my bot?


The site goes by four different names.

  • discordjs.services
  • Discord Palace
  • Discord Bot House
  • DBH

Why? This makes it very confusing and makes it really look like you pirated a discord bot list.

Why are you using assets from top.gg?

Using assets from a competitor is very suspicious.

Also, the website has the typical discord bot list look (same tired out colors, same bootstrap look, same “dmca” copyright sign, same tags, same tags). If you want to stand out among the thousands of bot lists, make the website have a much more unique feel.


How do u figure? If its found on open source sites it can be used. Literally anyone could’ve done what you just did on mine. Nothing is in violations of anyones license so im confused what the big deal is. I call out people using that ankrad bot list and then i start getting torn apart for something so miniscule on a website ive worked close to 2 years on constantly updating

We are looking for staff as well!

Join server then submit on website :slight_smile:

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Yeah. 4 versions and ownership transfers. Websites dont change names with new ownership? Ive always had rights to the source but i recently acquired the discord house name from the original owner, it can be found at several domains

if its on an open source site, it can’t be used. (unless its the actual project itself)

Hi, I’d Love to help develop! I actually helped code a lot of sites.


Just a quick question, does this project have any association with Glitch, that is, was this project (or related parts of the project) made using Glitch? Because #the-gallery is only for such projects.

Have a great day!


I believe he hosts it on glitch

@khalby786 Check the quote above!


Same here. :wink: