Discord Bot keeps going down

Hello so I made a Discord bot and for a second, I thought it was just suffering from very high latency but it actually goes down after 10 - 20 seconds, and be later be revived by uptimerobot and it’ll do the same again, with no error on logs or whatsoever.

The link for the project is here: https://nutella-v2.glitch.me/
Sample logs:

I have another Discord bot which is basically just the same but for private usage (which is running via Glitch as well) but it doesn’t suffer the same results - in fact, its latency is very low and response is very fast so im really confused on what’s wrong.

Please help, thanks in advance T_T

@coffeenutella, I’ll ping @glitch_support!


Have you checked how your project is doing? In terms of how heavy it is by checking it in the App Status in the bottom left corner.

Yes I did and its fine.

Hello, the bot is still suffering from going down and up, with latency having around 370+ ms.
a. logs don’t indicate errors
b. App Status is fine, no warnings or whatsoever.

Please help T_T @glitch_support