Discord Bot: UptimeRobot issue

verifyinguard is the project name, uptimerobot seems to be going down and unable to ping it.

I’ve tried multiple times however it keeps going down, I’m unsure what to do.

It’s a discord bot.

To be more specific, it goes down immediately after adding the monitor.

after 5 minutes without you on the project editor is the bot still online?

Try using https://awake.glitch.me

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Yes. It’s online after 20 minutes or so.

Does that really work?

That’s what I use for most of my bots!

And is truly 24/7? Interesting indeed, from experience?

Yes, it pings just like UR, but without the monitor system

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On the UptimeRobot it shows that it cannot ping the bot, however, it does work.

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You have a website or some form of https page for the uptimer to ping right

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Yes but am I suppose to add a extra code to the bot so uptimerobot can read or not?

If you don’t have a website or any HTML page for the bot, you could send a 200 status.

How would I be able to do this?

for my discord bot i ping it with awake.glitch.me and i made a file called ping.js and added the following code

const http = require(‘http’);

function time() {

var d = new Date();

var datetext = d.toTimeString();

datetext = datetext.split(' ')[0];

return datetext;


http.get(http://CHANGE THIS TO YOUR URL.glitch.me);

console.log(time()+" - Pinged!");

setInterval(() => {

http.get(`http://CHANGE THIS TO YOUR URL.glitch.me`);

console.log(time()+" - Pinged!");

}, 280000);

I use freshping.io, it works fine for me.

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Are you using this for a discord bot?