Discord bot won't go online at all

I have been trying to host my discord bot on glitch, here’s my project URL: https://glitch.com/~liftoff-bot. After repeatedly refreshing using refresh and changing my discord API token in the .env file, nothing seems to work. The code has no errors in it. If I run the code on my device, it works fine (the bot goes online) but it doesn’t even go online on glitch. Any idea for this strange behavior?

The ip is not banned via the discord API. When I run curl -I https://discordapp.com/api/v7/gateway I get

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Try enable-pnpm in the console as it will reinstall all node modules which may fix your issue.

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Nope, doesn’t works, thanks for helping tho

how about keepalive?

I’m sorry, what? Do you mean keepalive as in the http header?

the npm package express-glitch-keepalive

It’s not about keeping the bot from sleeping, I have the uptime bot set up for that and it tells that my bot’s code is running and is on but it’s not online in my server. As soon as I copy the code to my desktop and run it via node, it works fine

idk then…