Discord.js Bot with Uptime Robot not working (Forbidden (403))


I need help with my Discord.js Bot. I have tried monitoring the bot with Uptime Robot but it is just going straight to “DOWN” with the error “Forbidden (403)”.

I have tried using the package express but it won’t work.

Could anyone help? Thanks!

Discord has banned pinging services perma., you could move to repl.it i guess

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Oh. I didn’t knew that. Thanks for the information

@simpleIdiot what does switching to there do, it’s same like glitch

Actually this is wrong, Glitch banned Pinging Services! The only issue that I could see when changing to repl.it is that all of your projects are publicly visible unless if you have the Hacker Plan. Which could cause some security issues, and to integrate Privated Github repositories you’ll also need the Hacker Plan. If anything I’d say just host it locally on your PC or buy a Raspberry Pi which is a one time purchase and some work in getting started but worth it in the long run.

The UI is uniquely it’s own and the bot doesn’t automatically start when the code is updated, instead you’ll have to click the button at the top that says “Run” or type in the console defaultly on the right “npm start” if the start field is present in package.json.

@Warriorfoox thanks a lot for your answer. Is there anything else out of repl.it? Cause id like my projects to be private and just be able to monitor them so they keep online…

Heroku! The only issue with the free version of Heroku is you get stuff like Dyno Hours which limit how long your bot can be online. You can only have a bot online for 22 and a half days with free Dyno Hours per month. Also Heroku was not really made to be a Discord bot host, so there’s also minor limitations to storing data which might make an impact for larger pictures, but if you’re making like a small bot for some of your servers, it’s a good change.

If I’m going to be totally honest I say it’s just worth the cost of Glitch Membership saying that it’s 10$ a month (or 8$ if you go annually) and just have your project forever online with that. You’ll also get other boosts which may be significant again for bigger bots.

@Warriorfoox Thanks a lot for your help and support, you’ve helped me out a lot!

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