Domain registration @anon69241012

Could you please send a screenshot of your Freenom?

I mean - What do you use apart from Freenom?


OK. Your DNS says that Glitch will be activated in an hour, but you said it didn’t. By the looks of it - Freenom won’t work. It never did with me. Try Cloudflare. It works for me every time. I can get you started if you’d like. @Emre

If you don’t want to move to Cloudflare, consider a web. name. Hope these help! @Emre

It is super easy to use.


Ok i will try @anon69241012 thank you

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No problem. You are welcome!

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I think he is talking about DNS providers and not hosting providers :smile:

I’ve never heard of that but I will be sure to check it out. Thanks for correcting me.

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And moving this to #glitch-help!