Domain registration

I registered the domain name, 5 days have passed and still has not changed. What should I do?

What do you mean by

@Emre What do you mean?

DNS registration normally takes 48 hours, but 5 days have passed, domain name has not changed @anon69241012 @RiversideRocks

@Emre Are you using Freenom?

Yes i use freenom @anon69241012

Are you using Freenom DNS?

I recommend that you do not use freenom, you should look into cloudflare.

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Yes i use it @anon69241012

No wonder why it didn’t work

What domain did you register?

.tk Domain name @anon69241012

I meant - like etc @anon69241012 I’m using Google translation sorry

OK. I’ll try something out

OK - your Glitch DNS isn’t added. Are you using CloudFlare? @Emre

No i use @anon69241012 @anon69241012

No i use @TheBigC @TheBigC

TheBigC? Not a thing…

What is your DNS? Definately not me.

@Emre - Google Translate

DNS’iniz nedir? Kesinlikle ben değilim.