🔜 Help Center migration on (TBD) --- ALSO an opportunity to try out a new custom domain workflow

Hi everyone, I have two significant updates!

First: the Help Center will start going through a migration on Friday, May 5th.

Would you believe it’s been almost a year since we’ve joined Fastly? Part of joining a new company includes integrating and upgrading tooling and services, and so we have been working hard over the past few months to prepare to do that for help.glitch.com. I’ll keep everyone up to date here about how it’s going (hopefully smoothly) and what the impacts for you all are (hopefully just a better experience getting support).

Second: we are looking for Glitch creators to test out some work we are doing to bring custom domains back…

For those of you that don’t know, due to the legacy third-party app we have been using to manage custom domains and SSL certs, we had to put the “Add custom domains” feature into hiatus. While we’re not quite ready to go live with a better, more stable experience, we want to test a few things out and need your help!

We are going to announce this across social media around 5/2 but I wanted to give those of you in here first dibs on joining this limited group. If you’re interested, let me know in this thread and I’ll add you to a exclusive group on here that will give you access to our private testing posts, and the upcoming opportunity to add 2 custom domains to your Glitch apps.

See you on Glitch.com!


I’d like to participate in this experiment, I have several tiny static websites that I’m managing via github + an integration with cloudflare pages, but I’m not as happy with the current workflow of “open the somewhat ok github web editor + commit + wait 1 minute for cloudflare to redeploy to more datacenters than I need”.

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Interested in the new custom domain workflow!

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worried about the wording here, in the future will not everyone have the opportunity to do so?

Well it should come as no surprise but I’d like to participate. :wave: :medal_sports:

Cool, can I participate too?

my wording is specific to this testing program, not any future plans


Yay! Excited about the new custom domain workflow! Can I test-drive it?

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I hope I get picked


Can I be added to the test group? I would like to add a custom domain for one of my apps (a fake terminal).


Just wanted to let everyone in this thread know they’ve been added to the testing group and we posted directions it on the forum earlier this week here: Help us test out Fastly TLS + Glitch, and get 2 custom domains!

I also wanted to give an update on the support tooling migration. It was scheduled for today but we’re going to need more time to ensure things run smoothly, so it’s not happening today - but I’ll let you know as soon as I have a new date.


Hello, I already use custom domains on glitch and I was upset when I found that I could not connect new ones, please include me in the group for testers; I have experience testing large services, some open, some under nda. I will be glad to help and you can count on detailed feedback and inquisitiveness. thx