All files are gone except assets and the console is showing a weird message

So basically, one of my project, all of the source code files are gone, the only thing it is showing is the asset folder and the console is logging a weird message.

Image attached below :

The project name is usm-backend

Edit : I have contacted like 5 days ago and still no reply.

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I guess your best bet is to either send another email or just keep waiting. Try to avoid opening the editor to keep more backups around for the staff.

That message also just shows your project is online, nothing to worry about there. :slight_smile:

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Try using ls in the console. If the files appear there you could try refresh. If it doesn’t work do as @RiversideRocks mentioned

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(using the direct console link btw)

Same happened to me yesterday, ls shows nothing.

same thing happended today for my discord bot project, seems like there’s a worm deleting people’s files

Unlikely they would delete more then just bot projects and what use does that even do for the person doing it?

same thing happened to my project

I have tried using the ls method and nope, all files are gone. It’s the sixth day now and still gotten no reply from them.

This happened to me too. I don’t have a backup of this code :frowning:

Contacted support and they helped me restore :slight_smile:

Try ls -a @Blox101


Its not really something solvable by us :\

@Blox101 I thought I hadn’t got a response in over a week as well, turns out gmail sent it to promotions section. Be sure to check if yours got lost there or in spam ^^