ERROR why say this?

Hey! Well, my bot was working nice, but on 2018-04-24 08:00:45 the bot down, and doesn’t work, so, i check the logs and says that i have errors on ‘express’ ‘discord.js’ and others modules, says that i don’t have the modules, so, i go to the console and i try to re-install the modules (with: ‘npm i discord.js’ ‘npm i discord.js --save’ ‘npm i discord.js --force’ ‘pnpm i discord.js --save’ and other ways but it doesn’t work, an error appear and says ‘no space left ond device’ ? and the update says that the modules don’t take up space? Why? And i’m in a discord bots server, so i asked if someone had the same problem and there’re many people that have this problem/error…

If you’re using npm in your project, then node_modules is stored in your disk space, and you’re limited to 128MB for your whole project. If you use pnpm, then you can share node_modules with other users. Try running


in the console.

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Ready… I typed ‘enable-pnpm’, then i typed pnpm install discord.js and says:

ERROR ENOSPC: no space left on device, open ‘/app/_tmp_2857_c9bfe46cd245b2b749bdc5d8a6ace148’

That just means the reason your project is full isn’t just due to your node modules. Try running ‘git prune’ and ‘git gc’ to clear up more space.

Also, it’s recommended you install modules by adding them to your package.json file.

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