Errors + Seem to be running into issues with the disk


Here a few days ago one of my projects got an error that Discord.js was not found, I was kinda curious as to what happen, but couldn’t find anything wrong. I reinstalled Discord.js, but I kept getting a error. I forget the context of the original error, but it was something to do with EAccess or something like that. I remixed the project and sure enough the original started working again. So I fixed that issue, shortly after though it showed a warn on the container stats. Saying I was almost out of disk space, now mind you I have a beta/testing version as well, and it is NOT showing this warning. It has the same files, if not more than the main project.

I tried to uninstall some dependencies I don’t need, but now I am getting a permission denied response.

Any ideas? (The project is private for security reasons)

 ERROR  EACCES: permission denied, open '/rbd/pnpm-volume/67b66789-8dff-408e-9176-18cddfdd59a3/node_modules/got/package.json'


Do you have PNPM enabled? It’s likely because PNPM is disabled. Since when you remixed the project it was working (because PNPM is automatically enabled in new projects I think). PNPM modules won’t count towards your disk space usage. The ‘full disk space’ could likely be because when you remixed the project it copied the node_modules folder across. To enable PNPM just run enable-pnpm in the Glitch console.


Thanks, this fixed it.


No problem! :smiley: Your welcome.