Getting rate-limited VERY quickly on a new project due to it's nature, help

I’ve been converting a friend’s game to Javascript (from Scratch), but it ain’t going so well. The Glitch project keeps getting hit with 429’s, and I keep getting ratelimited (403)! Can someone explain a way I would prevent these rate limits?

(Yes, I am aware the project is very broken.)

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Times I’ve been rate limited so far: 2 (403 on every

2: I’m going to start leaving comments on the stupidity of these rate-limits. I genuinely hope I won’t have to switch to or vercel :confused:

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maybe you could move some of the files to assets? not sure, they never said anything about request limits to static sites.

Agreeing with @wh0 here - looking at your project I see a ton of svg’s - if a single page load is hitting all those files all at once I wouldn’t be surprised at a rate limit being hit after a couple of page loads. You should move those svg’s into the Assets panel and reference the cdn links and that should dramatically ease the rate limit load you have there.

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I’ve got a LOT of SVGs here, and a lot of code refrencing the on-disk versions. I’d have to waste DAYS, and this is going to happen again- I have more projects like this!

I guess I’ll just have to use an alternative hosting platform. :frowning:

You can also try upgrading to Glitch Pro maybe that can help.

I understand the frustration here - I just went to the page and there were over 1200 image requests made and I know that’s not an insignificant number of files to move/swap! Glitch Pro would remove rate limiting, like I see @tiagorangel2011 shared as I was typing this hehe

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Sadly, due to being a student and all, I can’t afford Glitch Pro. It really looks like I’m going to have to swap to a different host.

And the worst part is I actually like Glitch for being simple- now I have to deal with the nuances of others. Fun!

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(side info: I don’t know if this is the appropriate time to mention this, but Glitch + GitHub student pack would be great for cases like this Glitch Boosted with GitHub Student Pack)