Github export fails with 500

I am trying to export from public Glitch project!/responsible-rhythm to a public Github repo arunsathiya/telegram-wordpress-comments

There is a success notice for my export, but it seems to fail with a 500 notice on the console.

The page automatically refreshes as well, which is why I am not able to read the error message in detail.

I opened my Glitch console, run rm -rf ~/.git and I was able to export now.

Not sure if rm -rf ~/.git was the right thing to do, but it has helped me re-initialise git and things are fine now.

I have also removed the git folder before too, that has been my only solution sometimes, and I don’t really think it was a bad thing to do as it only removes what you have done locally on git.

Glad you got it sorted. We’ll look into what was causing the issue. Thanks.

My case is that I remixed my project from another project. Probably their git configuration was lingering around. Apologies if I am not wording these right. I am fairly new to code.

Mine was a remixed project. Probably the previous project’s git configuration was lingering around?

@Gareth Sadly this is happening again. This is on this Glitch project:!/telegram-wordpress

Do you have any clues on why this might be happening? Thank you for taking a look!

Sorry for the continuing problems. I’ve flagged this to our development team and they’ll take a look.

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Thank you for your help! I shall wait for their reply.

I just exported that project successfully, so that suggests the problem may be with the GH repo you’re exporting to, or your permissions on GH. If you can get this to happen again, you can keep Chrome from getting rid of the logs on the page reload by checking “Preserve log” on the Network tab in the console. If you can get more error info, that would help a lot.