Mobile App


@MayorChano can you give us a little more detail on that? What browser and version, and what version of OS X are you seeing this on? Is this behavior new? What specifically do you mean when you say “can’t use”?

I’m asking because I’m using the console in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari all day on in OS X without any difficulty, so I’d like to dig into where you’re having problems with it.


Im using the latest version of chrome on a macbook air. It just shows a black screen


What happens if you click in the screen and press enter? I’ve seen cases where the console seems not to initialize with a prompt, but it’s there and working and if you hit enter the prompt comes up.


Nope Nothing happens when I try this


Make sure you don’t have a extension which is used to compress images or black theme!


@MayorChano, @ArunKapil01 brings up a good point - what extensions are you using? Do you see the same problem in an incognito window?


I agree… There should be a Mobile App. It will be much easier to use.