I use pingdom, betteruptime, etc and everything else to keep my bot online. Still nothing works

I use most known ping websites to ping my discord bot, but nothing ever works. I am aware that glitch banned 3rd party ping services to ping glitch projects, but why? Its do annoying gor us bot developers that are trying to be free then we have to pay once we earn money. Im seriously considering buying glitch $8 premium plan, or having a djs coder friend make a library that pings the bot’s project domain while you write code in a file for the library to ping your bot.

Please suggest anything else i could use similar to glitch that i can ping , host, and code my bots on. Thanks!

They blocked pinging because it was causing service instability and server costs. They are many alternatives like repl.it, CodeSandbox, and many others. or a new one that is in the works (made by me & the community) called Editz


Would you mind telling me if i can ping my bot and code it at the same time with this glitch alternative?

If so i would definitely use it

Which alternative would you like to know about?

Editz, your glitch alternative

Ahh I see, yeah think so. There is still many decisions going on.

If you would mind, create a discord server based on your Editz, for updates, support, etc and it would definitely help! Or just send me ur discord tag!

It doesn’t have a dedicated server (because I don’t want to go through the hassle, and saves my server limit) but we use mine. https://discord.gg/myuyJqH

Alr im joining thanks! Also if anyone else out there can assist me in my quest, I’d appreciate if you’d leave a comment!

Yeah very neat editor. Will be getting a good host soon.

Ok cool, i cant wait to use it! I joined your server and when it comes out id be interested in help growing your server :smiley:

Discord user: decomplication

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fun fact: codesandbox shows you .env but as long is your project name is random enough you can host disocrd bots I think