reported for Phishing Attacks


I was trying to view my app on its’ glitch dot me url and my Norton anti-virus
blocked it. I checked out the report, here is the link for that report from Norton

Everytime I try to visit the app Norton blocks it, I am currently trying to figuring out how to
whitelist glitch dot me on Norton but still haven’t figured it out.

I think someone tried using glitch dot me to do a phishing attack at

ikli dot glitch dot me/cJYwolH

And ruined it for the rest of us who like using the glitch dot me domain for quick prototypes.

Can glitch fix this?

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Hi @ideaguy3d, welcome to the Glitch forums!

Thanks for the report - that url does indeed appear possibly suspicious and we’ll be in touch with the owner of the project to discuss.

Thanks again!


Malwarebytes also flagged this for malware it does allow this link, which I believe is the one you were looking for?

HOWEVER ikli dot glitch dot me/cJYwolH got this response …




Website blocked due to malware

Your Malwarebytes Premium blocked this website because it may contain malware. We strongly recommend you do not continue.


We’re in the process of getting validated to be able to request removal of from Norton’s malicious site list. Unfortunately they seem to block the entire top-level site when one subdomain in listed as malicious.

It seems as though Malwarebytes allows other sites and is only blocking the project with the domain “ikli”. That project has been suspended.


Yes, Malwarebytes only blocks specific sites that it detects as dangerous. Norton was a huge pain in the buttox when I had it because it would constantly block domains … even if the domain itself was not a threat …


Is this the website you were trying to access?