Glitch project deleted in vsc

I was deleting some files but by accident I deleted the main folder in VSC and now the glitch project doesn’t load anymore. Please delete it and I’ll create a new one name: dyedeyes-2

I created a new project called dyedeyes2 so do mind to delete the one with the -

You may be able to recover the state before the deletion, by either

  • asking Glitch staff to restore from a backup, this is the easier option.

  • or connect to the console, if possible, and unwind some history using git command line

git log

shows changes. Which commands to do next depends on which commit you want to get back to.

Hey @RobinSchapendonkGame it looks to me like you’re still in that project, so you should be able to delete it yourself from the Editor of your profile.

Yes, thanks now i can delete it

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