Grrrr.... Lost all my work again!

This was discussed when Glitch started… the inherent problems with attempting to use an autosave model, but I got bit by it again.

I worked on a quick proof of concept. code code code… then notice that the code isn’t updating in the rendered view. (plus connectivity issues w/Glitch)

I wait it out, and then everything reloads… and all my work is gone.

Please for the love of all things holy… provide an option for users to perform their own “Save”

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Hi there - really sorry to hear that this happened to you. We’re actively working on making this more stable, which will both improve the current auto-save approach and will also put us in a better place if we were to add the ability to have manual saves/checkpoints in the future (we hear this request a fair amount, so we’re working on where to slot it into our roadmap now).

I’d really like to dig more into your specific case - would you be up for sending me (here or by direct message) your project name and the rough start and end times of when you were working on it (and when you lost work from, if that’s possible)? It’ll help us drill into logging to understand the root cause better. Thanks and apologies again for the lost work.