Glitch freezes when trying to work on projects

Whenever I try to work on a glitch project, the entire page freezes after I type 1 or 2 characters. Nothing works. I can’t type anything in. I can’t press any buttons. Refreshing doesn’t work. I’ve been using glitch for over a week, and this is the first time this has happened.

This happens for all projects - old and new.

Here’s a link to a new project I was trying to work on:!/equinox-watch

Here’s a link to an old one:!/youthful-silence-1

I’m afraid to open any more old projects because if I try to make any changes the entire page will freeze and it will stay that way even after exiting.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

MOD EDITS: replaced invite token, revealed working links

Hi welcome to the comunity! I am not experiencing that issue. The links you posted are broken, could you post the links again so I can test?

Try using another browser, because you maybe have over 5 tabs opened
Just try using another browser
IE 10 is good and fast

Hi @LiChoi I’m sorry for the bother but I agree with @CodingEngineer; I’m not seeing this behavior on either project you linked to. What browser and operating system (and device model, if you’re on mobile) are you using when you see this?

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Does the page crash when you open it?

I can’t replicate the issue on opera, chrome or firefox in windows. This must be an issue on your end. Try and restart the broswer and if it doesn’t work try restarting the computer.

Late last night it started working for at least 30 minutes, then I went to sleep. This morning, it’s frozen again. During those 30 minutes last night, I managed to get these links:

product page link:

app link:

Right now it’s frozen, so I can’t even press the ‘share’ button to see the links.

I’m using chrome as my browser. I’ll try on a different browser.

No crashing. It just freezes, like a static page where nothing works.

I’m using google chrome. I’m on windows 10 PC.

Live Update:

Okay, just now something is happening. The rewind tab is open, but maybe that’s because I clicked it 10 minutes ago (when it was frozen).

Everything seems to be working now after being frozen for 15-20 minutes. Maybe the page was loading, but I saw no indication it was loading (again, just a static page I can’t interact with). Usually loading doesn’t take this long.

If it freezes again, I’ll update you guys.

Another update: Glitch is frozen again.

It was fine until I tried to modify my package.json file.

Now that I think about it, all the other times, it froze as soon as I touched the package.json file.

If the problem is the package.json file, you may want visit this question.

Hey folks we did have a new issue crop up overnight that we pushed out a fix for earlier today. Please let us know if you’re still seeing issues.

It’s still freezing when I enter package.json.

Hey @LiChoi have you closed and reopened your browser since my post? If you haven’t please give that a try - it’s possible your browser still has the old, per-fix code running. I jumped into your package.json file briefly and made and unmade a quick change and did not see any freezing.

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It seems to be working now. Accessing package.json and making changes doesn’t cause it to freeze anymore. Thanks!

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Whatever I type is not reflected in the “show” window. Not a simple, not a big change. Even editing spelling is not possible (I’m talking about HTML CSS). Restarted the lapton. Doesn’t help.

Hey @stasiamio, welcome to the Glitch forum!

We haven’t seen a recurrence of the issue discussed in this topic; can you let us know the project name you’re having problems with (if you’re still having problems) and we can take a look?