Glitch public page stuck on starting

i know there’s already posts about this but i couldn’t find an exact answer to my problem as my code is so different ): my bot uses discord api and roblox api to do things in my discord server and i’m trying to keep it up using uptimerobot but the glitch project page is stuck on starting so uptimerobot won’t work.

this is the project page:

thanks if u help im new to all this lol

Uptime robot won’t work since the recent ban on keep alive pings.

From looking at your project:

  • The project code is publicly visible, which helps the community diagnose problems,
  • But has tokens in the code, which should be moved to the .env file and read as process.env.mytoken or equivalent,
  • Don’t forget to regenerate the tokens since they’ve been publicly exposed,
  • The roblox cookie token looks like it needs trimming, remove all the comments from within it

What errors show in the Log in the editor?

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Hi there!
Welcome to the Glitch community - UptimeRobot is no longer permitted to keep projects online.

i did everything you said, before there were no errors but now the roblox cookie is saying “Warning: No Roblox warning detected in provided cookie. Ensure you include the entire .ROBLOSECURITY warning.”
(which is the comment i trimmed out)

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Just wondering, what exactly are you doing with the .ROBLOSECURITY cookie? Isn’t that Roblox’s login cookie…

yeah! it uses it to log into my alternate account that accepts people into the roblox group

Sorry I was mistaken about the roblox cookie, that is a useful error message! I assume you’ve put it back how it was.

Does the log now show a starting up message, which gets repeated every few seconds? With no error message? This could be from the app running to completion and then exiting, to be auto started again by the start script settings.

You can check this by opening the terminal and entering

node code.js

If it exits back to the prompt then it is running once and not persisting.

To make it keep running while the project is active, one option is to have it listen for a web request, by adding a listener similar to (the default node express app).

If it doesn’t exit back to the prompt, you can force it to exit with Control-C.

when i put the cookie in normally, it now has a bunch of errors
.env: line 2: (and then the cookie) command not found
.env: line 2: WARNING:-DO-NOT-SHARE-THIS.–Sharing-this-will-allow-someone-to-log-in-as-you-and-to-steal-your-ROBUX-and-items.: command not found
UnhandledPromiseRejectionWarning: Error: Required argument “cookie” is missing

Well it has to do with “cookie”.

Probably need quotes around the value, inside the .env file, for example


EDIT - eventually you may want store the cookie in a file or database, so the code doesn’t need to be changed for each refreshed cookie. Be aware that normal project files are versioned in git, except those in .data or listed in gitignore

EDIT2 - my tired brain forgot the fact that storing in .env is equivalent to a file based store, for the use case where the cookie only needs reading on startup. If you need it updateable while running the code, then moving out of .env is advisable.

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