Glitch repository Hacked

My discord bot (Cytrus) got hacked and the whole glitch repo got wiped, I made sure i NEVER leaked my token and another bot got hacked with the same exact message

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Can you provide more information, when you say another bot got hacked with the same message, what is the message? Was your project on github? if so did you make sure that your bots token was not visible, or the github repository was private.

The message the bots got was:
lol i hacked this shitty bot, add my better bot here -walnutzgaming

and got sent 2 times, i made sure my token wasnt on github and i put my token in my .env file but the repo was public.

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That’s what the stuff said:

Ironic: none of these aren’t good :slight_smile:

Hey folks thanks for the additional info! I’m taking the conversation with @CelestialCrafterMC to a PM in case we need to delve into private information.

I am going to add to the fact, that my bot token did get leaked previously when I had put my bot up on github, and did not realise my token was publicly visible. It was about 3 minutes after the project was put on github, when my bot started spamming a discord server saying “we hacked your bot - ‘server invite’”, the server that the invite belonged to, was not actually related to what happened in any way!
The server your bot was linking to, was most likely framed for the hack.

I think someone wrote script that gets every file with token word on GitHub and filters them by programming language/tag. Pretty smart though