Bug or hacking?

Hello I have a fairly urgent problem …

When I connect to my Glitch project, I have problems with some file.json when I go on it I see nothing then my computer becomes very slow and I am obliged to restart it because it does nothing more, I so have transformed to .txt so i managed to see what was inside:

Only I never put that …
There was normally data for my money system for my BOT discord, so I went to see in rewind to find out who had done this and there was a person I did not know who was modifying these 2 file.json well:

So I remix my project and delete the old one I put back the .json file with what should have been in it. But the next day it became again as it was on the old one while I have remixed my project well so I don’t know what’s going on …

(P.S: I did not share the edit link for the new one and the padlock is closed.) :


Hmmm…fairly strange. The first file seems to be buffer data. And can you hover over the profile picture of the stranger in the Rewind bar, to see if it’s an Anonymous user or a regular user?

Weird. But, my bot are just randomly hang up, and saying somebody is in our token. (discord auto-resetted the token btw) Wait, i didn’t share my project to everyone nor shared my token.

La personne est Anonymous…

@SplitXPlayZ, do you think someone has accessed your project unauthorized? Can you see if any other user has made changes by going into the Rewind bar?

I reset my bot’s token the day before yesterday

No, just saying the discord bot token randomly got resetted, and no email about somebody is in my bot. And no unknown user in the rewind bar either.

Try emailing support@glitch.com, although they might not be working today. And I’ll try pinging @support_staff.

Sometimes Discord modifies your token because it receives too many requests from this token (it happened to me because of a small problem in my bot code)

Also, the Discord token may include timestamps which makes it look different.

Are talking to me?

In general to the token issue. :blush:

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It happend again.

Well, either someone has access to your account, is grabbing the token and abusing it, or someone has access to your Glitch project and is grabbing it, or, your bot is spamming the API, and Discord auto-resets it, spamming being:

  • Logging in over 1000 times a day
  • Repeatedly sending a request
  • Someone is using your bot really quickly and you don’t have a cooldown

With the Logging in issue, would be from changing code without commenting out the client.login("TOKEN");

because Glitch will run the file with every code change unless you specify with glitch.json and such

Discord would also email you if you exceeded the 1000 logins a day

@SplitXPlayZ, did you try regenerating your Discord token?

Nope, it’s on Discord’s way.