Glitch Teams' Playlist Giving Error

I’ve created a Glitch Team for my Class: and am now trying to create playlists for them to submit their homework by adding their project to a specific weekly playlist.

However, anytime I try to access the playlist to set it up a little more, I just get back an error stating: Something went wrong, try refreshing? and when I inspect an element it states: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'G.domain')

Can anyone let me know what’s going on or have more insight into what might be causing the issue? The teams I’ve created for my previous classes are working properly so it might be something that’s happened between now and then with how teams are set up?

Hi there @Kevin_Cadena - I’ll have the team take a look and see why this is going on and let you know when I have an update!


By the way, this is happening to all Team playlists, so this is definitely our issue, not in how you named it or set it up!

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Thanks for your help! And ah okay! That’s good to know. I thought for a bit it might be related to naming. :slight_smile:

Hi there - you should be able to access and edit your team’s playlists now!

We’re still working on some issues with the “add to playlist” popover being hidden under the header. That fix should be out soon - but if you’re in a rush to add stuff from there, if you add a description to the playlist it will create more space for the popover to be displayed.


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