Have a great thanksgiving

For those enjoying a nice deserved break or that hard earned day off on thanksgiving i wanna wish everyone the best of luck for tomorrow and Friday!


You too! ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎


Thanks i’m already planning on it!me and Kumi’s family are doing a little reunion but social distancing at the same time!


good for you. good luck on not spreading corona.

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is this sarcasm

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i thought you knew by now that sarcasm always falls out of my mouth. but i also mean it. i don’t want Kumi to get sick.

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i said we’re gonna be social distancing and Kumi already is next to me

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Good luck with that.

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Y’all ready to get some new laptops, boosted apps, a few nice docker things, some digital ocean stuff, stickers and some heroku stuff maybe? I know I am ready to get a Microsoft Surface Pro Studio 2 at the cost of 10k, yeah, and that discourse droplet with that learn-code showdown, and some nice docker stuff I gotta do, heroku stuff, and to top it all off I would really like my JSBin stickers to come early, yes, very nice if it would, as khalby786 told me you could get em. So yeah pretty expensive week here, am I right??? :sweat_smile:

Nah, I’m excited for a shot turkey (or maybe it got stabbed, who knows :cold_sweat:) and eating the whole turkey alone. :cold_face:

In all seriousness, I wish everyone has a safe and nice Thanksgiving. And have a good time, of course. :slight_smile:

Happy glitching everyone :sparkling_heart:
and also get some laptops that have some very good deals :wink:



Have a good thanksgiving and spoiler get a switch and hyrule warriors

Oh, then. Maybe when they have a 99.9% off sale I’ll look into that.

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Haha,your funny my friend stay safe

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happy thanksgiving, and thank you for letting me know i’m not the only one being bombarded with laptop deals


bruh i feel youuuu

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i got some dev.to stickers too and my hacktoberfest tshirt is stuck in the us

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