Community Open Thread - August 11, 2023 🥵

Hello hello and Happy Friday! I know it’s not hot everywhere this time of year, but it’s very hot where I live in Kansas City. This week we’re swapping Jenns so she can enjoy a little time off, and I can hang with you all in the forum. Kind of wild that back to school is already ramping up, so I’m trying to make the most of summer while we still have a couple of weeks.

Did you notice the new feature on where we showcase a new :sparkles: App of the Week :sparkles: now? We’ve already shared some great ones like:

If you have an app you wanna share, you can chime in on the submissions thread here or use this quick form. I get to see each submission so I’m excited to see what you all choose!

Since we are on the cusp of a new season (summer to fall, my favorite time of year :maple_leaf: as a Virgo baby, or winter to spring for you Aussies) what are you doing to embrace the last little bits of this time of year? I’ve just come home from 2 straight weeks of travel and I am firmly embracing an air-conditioned couch cocoon at the moment, but I know other folks are getting one last vacation in, so I want to know, what are you up to?

:thinking: xoxo the other Jenn!


When will there be a collaborative version of the Glitch project loading page that never goes away (and resets once it’s full), so people can draw together on it?

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That’s an interesting idea. It makes me wonder what whiteboard apps already exist on Glitch. There has to be at least one!


Interesting idea and conveniently there’s already a multiplayer sketchpad that people can remix :eyes: :writing_hand: , I guess you could use it’s code or make your own.

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thought of the moment: are there too many service workers on the web? whenever I go into about:serviceworkers, it’s just hundreds of sites I don’t recognize and sites that that aren’t apps and sites that I didn’t want to install anything on my computer.

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