Community Open Thread 27 - June 30, 2023

It’s Friday, hope everyone is doing well!

The Canadian wildfires have lead to very poor air quality in the NYC area and I think that’s got climate change on a lot of peoples minds (myself and my air purifiers included). It’s definitely on the mind of one of my favorite bloggers who I share here often, Maps Mania, who built an interactive map to show the scope of some natural disasters relative to the size of Belgium.

When I’m feeling stressed, be it about the rising AQI (air quality index) or just getting all my work done before folks in the States leave for the long weekend, I turn to chill music and gaming. This hourly Animal Crossing radio app on Glitch caught my eyes and ears this week and has me charging my Switch to see how many cockroaches have taken over my own AC island.

My question of this week’s thread for you is this: What apps do you use to chill in moments you’re stressed? Doesn’t have to be on Glitch! Also, are you working on any chill apps this week? Let us know :point_down: :cockroach:


Wow, it’s already Saturday!



Btw, I found this interesting video talking about Glitch: (new tab)

Plus: check out

So I bought a Raspberry Pi. Also, I reset Windows :slight_smile:

To answer your question: Nothing /shrug

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Pis are quite difficult to find these days, but they are starting to be back up again. :sweat_smile:

why :)?


Did you mean Pis?

I reset Windows
why :)?

Because of a lot of things- jank involving my security key, and too much stuff on disk :frowning:

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yes, autocorrect changed it to “pies”

ah climate change it’s been quite hot in a lot of areas recently so people have definitely been paying attention to it, seems like it could only get worse from now on…

On some cool chill apps, I used to use my own fork of at (I forked to add more livestreams_ , but I recently stopped for two simple reasons.

  • 24/7 livestreams from smaller channels tend to not have 100% uptime so they occasionally die and you have to change the link in the app manually.
  • the app is written in go compiled to webassembly which makes it quite difficult to quickly modified, as I have to…1. launch gitpod and make a new workspace 2. fix the urls 3. build the app 4. commit to the sites deployment branch for that subdomain (I prefer main to not have my subdoman hardcoded in) 5. stop the workspace

I’m looking to maybe take another web app later to replace this one and possibly run it on glitch because this is the sort of thing I’d like to be able to make changes to in 1 minute and have those changes instantly show up.

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Just wanted to say, anyone got a bluesky invite code? I would love getting into bluesky bots but I can’t do much since I don’t have an invite.

question for glitch users: you ever move files before in the glitch editor?

  • ya
  • don’t remember, infrequent if so
  • no, terminal only for that stuff
  • no

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