Have problems saving changes

my project’s memory and disk are full. i cant save changes or edit anything. please help me!!!

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Could you please run enable-pnpm in the console?

i ran enable-pnpm and it returned ‘no space left on device’

Does git prune; git gc work either?

thanks for replying me, but git prune just help a little bit, git gc is completly not working. my project is still pausing

You will need to wait for one of the Glitch staff to expand your project space so you can run those commands. @glitch_support pleas take a look.

Hi @trieu27,

I can give you 24 hours of extra disk space so you can run those commands. Just ping me here and let me know when you are ready!

@tasha could you do the same for my ezfn project i cant fix it at all until i get more disk

Sure @Jawschamp! Your project now has extra disk space for the next 24 hours.

If you have any questions, let us know!

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