Heartbreak Cards (card making tutorial)

Project URL: https://heartbreak-cards.glitch.me/

I made a tutorial on how to make collectible cards about yourself :black_joker: It’s exhibited both online and IRL, so if you are in Mainz, Germany, please visit us :dizzy:

I used choo and vite for the front end, and data is hosted on Airtable (you can check out the code in the editor). Another website airtable-cards, which appears in the tutorial, uses oauth for loading your airtable and rendering as printable cards :printer:

(For the web publication, I had to make it completely standalone, which was quite a hassle because of the assets hosted separately… in the end I had to do some hacky stuff, vite build and feed that built script again to vite to download remote assets :rofl:)


your project was featured in webcurios last week (it’s one of my favorite newsletters)!! it’s about 1/4 of the way down and you can cmd-F for “heartbreak” to find it, or cmd-F for “This is SUCH a cool idea:hotdog:


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